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Custom Design Plastic Chili Pepper Packets

Custom Design Plastic Chili Pepper Packets

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Custom Design Heat Seal Small Chili Pepper Packets Tomato Sauce Packing Bags

Products Description
Food packaging bags and pouches, are printed by environmental ink, with the characteristics
of bright colors, distinct gradation, strong three-dimensional sense. Due to the composite lamination of plastic film and aluminum foil , it has advantages of thermo-stability, light resistance, good stiffness, high barrier effect to extend shelf life. Mainly used for various meat steaming and boiling packaging, medicine packaging, some high request & high-grade product packaging. It is more and more popular in the market

1.Can be in vacuum.
2.Can bear high-temperature boiling, steaming and sterilization.
3. Vivid and bright printing, up to 10 colors
4.Excellent performance: moisture resistance, anti-puncture, anti-leaking
5.Good design structure, suitable for a variety of food packaging: solids, powders, liquids.
6.A variety of styles : 3 sides sealing, 4 sides sealing and standing up.
7.Can be customized according to customer specific requirements.

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